Sunday, October 25, 2009

Define: WHAM.

I just walked out to the kitchen, but I forgot to take my cell phone or something with me to see (I didn't want to turn the light n cause I think Mallori is sleeping on the couch), so I kind of felt my way to the kitchen door frame. I finally found the wall, and saw the blinking lights from the wireless router beyond, so I knew I was there.

I moved another step to the right because the wall was still right in front of me, and the light disappeared. I thought, 'That's weird, the cabinet door must be open or something and it's blocking the light.'

Then I took a step forward and bashed into the sliding door.

Someone shut it, except for the last like, six inches. Just enough for me to see through it at an angle, but not realize it was nine-tenths of the way shut.