Monday, October 12, 2009

Define: Moving forward

Well, I didn't get the job at Target. Which, honestly, was a huge blow to my self-esteem. I mean, I like Target, I think it's a fairly nice store, but it's not THAT great. And they didn't want my help during their busiest time of the year? I know that I don't have any retail experience, but how hard would it be to train me? It made me feel pretty bad. I know that the interview wasn't spectacular, but I didn't think it was bad, either.

So I'm still looking for a job. Bath and Body Works is hiring seasonally, so that's my next stop, then Kohl's, then whatever I find next. It's nice to have more than one option. Both of those stores have locations in Jackson and Ann Arbor, so I'll probably apply to both. I am definitely not opposed to having more than one job. But I'm afraid that I'll end up with one in Jackson and one in Ann Arbor, and that's no good. I think I lean a little bit more towards wanting to work in Jackson, since that's closer to Spring Arbor, but I probably have more options in Ann Arbor. I told my dad last night that I could probably get my old job at Aggie's back really easily, but I am not that desperate. I hope I will not be that desperate. Ever.

I finally called to make an appointment to finish up my registration for beauty school. I think I've been putting it off because I know that once I sign up, I won't have the option to work at camp this summer, and I don't want to give that up. I know that I can't work there forever, but part of me still wants to.

No word from Higher One yet. I may ask for an update on how things are going. As soon as this is resolved, I'm closing my account there. This whole thing has been ridiculous.

It's time to fill out more applications.


sara luke said...

Don't feel that bad . . . you're competing with people who have master's degrees and 20+ years experience in the workplace who have lost their jobs in the last year.