Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Define: Crafting

I've been up to some crafting lately. I found a neat (and cheap!) way to make your own coasters here. I love that site.

These are a few I've made as gifts.

The ink got a little smeared on this one when I put the varnish on. I used stamps instead of printing out a design.

Today I started on some clear ornaments. I only etched and used glitter today, but I think I'll try some other things tomorrow.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Define: (not) Engaged

Today I saw on Facebook that my friend Kristen from camp was engaged. I called Becca to tell her, but she was in the middle of Bible study, so we couldn't really talk about it.

A while later, while I'm instant messaging with Jamin, he tells me that his RA just came in and asked if he was engaged, and said that Taylor (Jamin's friend) had told him that he was. We were both really confused as to why Taylor would just say that.

A few minutes ago, Becca called me, laughing, and said, "We have a story to tell you."

When I'd called, Clare had heard "engaged." After Bible study, she asked Becca who had called, and Becca said, "Jodi."
See where this is going?

Clare was really excited, and when she saw Taylor, told him the good news. Taylor in turn told Jake, Jamin's RA.

Clare, meanwhile, can't figure out why Becca isn't really excited. She asks Becca how it happened. Becca is confused.
Then they figure out what happened, and go to tell Taylor and Jake (but it's too late).

I love my friends.