Saturday, June 20, 2009

The first camp of the summer...

I got puked on this week at camp.

When I called Jamin Thursday night I told him, and he said, "Again?" For a second I was confused, then I said, "No, not pooped, puked. Throw up." Poop was last summer.
After the incident, I was in a surprisingly good mood. I'm not sure why, but I'm glad, because I imagine that if I hadn't felt that way I would not have been fun to be around.

I had a really great group this week. There was one "squirrelly" camper (I feel like that's becoming the word of the summer), but even with some of the frustrating moments with her, I had a really good week. I was really anxious going into it, but it turned out totally fine. By the end, I couldn't believe it was already Thursday.

One of the campers I had was completely spacey. The definition of, even.
I had put my towel in the bathroom on Sunday before the campers arrived, and Sunday night, after this particular camper took a shower, she came out of the bathroom to get her clothes. Wrapped in what appeared to be my towel. I wasn't sure what to do right away, I was a little shocked, and I wasn't 100% positive that it was mine. But sure enough, when I went in to take my shower later, my towel was gone. Luckily I'd brought extras, so I just used one of those.
In the morning, I asked her about it.
"Was there a blue towel in the bathroom when you took a shower last night?"
"...where is it now?"
"I put it in my trash bag."
"Well, that towel was mine, so could I have that back?"
"Sure." She started to climb down from her bed. "Where is it?"
", wherever you put it."
And that was the first day. More than once she wandered off (we lost her for a while because she forgot to come to dinner), even when I was right there. We were both on the playground, and I watched her start walking towards the lodges and get halfway up the hill (although heading a little bit more towards the West campground than the lodges) before I ran to catch up with her. I asked where she was going, and she told me the lodge. I asked her to ask me next time. She'd been sort of walking with an adult, and after the camper walked away, the adult turned to me and said, "I think she's just a lonely little girl." Like I had been neglecting her. I told the woman that I had actually been within 30 feet of the camper when she'd started walking away, she's just...spacey.

I'd written down that my goal for her was to pay more attention, but at the end of the week...I think that maybe that was a pretty lofty goal.

But really, I did have a great week. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, Camp

I love camp, I really do. But I wish it would warm up. A lot. Especially when we're up north. I hate the cold.

Yesterday I got a headache in the middle of the afternoon, and after dinner I threw up. I laid down for a few hours, then got a hold of one of the nurses because I just felt awful. She came up and gave me some electrolyte pills and some Advil, but as soon as I got them down they came back up. Last night was just not fun.
But this morning I woke up with no headache and just a little shaky (probably because hardly any of the food I ate yesterday actually got digested). Now I'm feeling a lot better, just wishing it was warmer.

I'm sort of excited for my birthday. Jamin has Saturday all planned out (he won't tell me what, though), and I'm pretty excited to see what we'll be doing. And to see Jamin. :)

Please let it get warmer...
And I'm hoping for something good in the staff fridge.