Friday, July 31, 2009

Define: Triumphant Return

It's been a while. Okay, it's been over a month. Whoops.

Camp has been amazing this year. There have been days when it's been really tough, but the overall experience has been fantastic.
This last week started out in a rough sort of way, but by the end I was sad that they were leaving (even the kids in my beach bums class).
I had two girls in my cabin and in my class, and for the first few days, I just didn't know how to handle them. They were picking on each other, saying bad words, and picking on other campers. They even got me. Two examples:
I took a shower and blow dried my hair in the bathroom. Now, my hair is...well, it wasn't exactly...perfect, at the time. But it wasn't that bad. Anyway, I walked out of the bathroom and one of the girls said, "Wow, your hair looks really bad." Great, thanks.
Most of my girls this week were totally boy crazy, and I was trying to dissuade them from giggling and flirting and talking about boys all week. At one point I said, "I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 20." To which my camper replied, "Wow, that's really embarassing." ...thanks, again.
So I had these two girls every day, all day. On Wednesday night, something happened, and one of them suddenly loved me. She held my hand all the way to the petting farm and all the way back, wanted me to french braid her hair, wanted to sit by me, the whole deal. It made things so much better. Not to say the problems went away, but they were soo much better. On the way over to the petting farm, one of the other campers wanted to braid my hair, so I took my hairtie out. It had gotten wet, so it was out of control a little messed up. The girl who told me my hair looked bad before said, "Um, your hair is really weird." And the girl who now loved me said, "No it's not, it's not that bad."
My heart pretty much exploded. :)

There was another camper in beach bums (not in my cabin) who was a little tough to handle sometimes (David). He wasn't blatantly being disrespectful, but we were constantly reminding him of boundaries (and as soon as we said something he usually complied). On the last day, we took the pontoon out into the middle of the lake to jump off. One of the other campers had a few special needs, and was pretty hesitant about getting in the water. I kept explaining that the life jacket would make him float, and we watched other campers jump in and pop right back up. He was still a little scared, but David started encouraging him to get in. When he finally did, David was there to keep encouraging him and hold his hand when he was afraid to let go of the boat. It was so amazing to watch, and David was a total sweetheart that day.

I also learned how to french braid this week, and I felt super awesome. I meant to take a picture of the hair of one of my campers. I started to give her french braided pigtails, but when I got to the back of her head, instead of keeping them separate, I combined the braids into one big one. I may have been a little partial, but I think it looked pretty sweet. Especially for only having two days of french braiding experience.

A couple weeks ago I discovered that a $177 purchase had been charged to my Spring Arbor Higher One account. I was pretty sure that I'd remember making a purchase that large, and was really concerned as to how that had happened. When the details of the transaction posted, I discovered that the transaction took place via a Korean website. Not me, and definitely not okay. I called Higher One and explained, and the woman told me I had to wait until the transaction cleared (apparently it was still pending). The next day, I got online to see if it had cleared, and another unauthorized transaction had taken place. I called and cancelled my card, and started the dispute process (making sure to explain that it could not possibly have been me because I don't know a word of Korean). The second charge has disappeared, and I just got an e-mail from Higher One that (I think) says that I'll probably be getting my money back. Which is a relief. $177 is a lot of money for me at this point. Well, probably at any point in my life, really. I'm just glad it's getting resolved.

I'm sure there have been a ton of other things that happened during the last month that I was going to write about, but at the moment, none come to mind, and I need to put my laundry in the dryer.

Oh another thing:
My campers keep using my towel. I think I already brought this up. But it happened again.
This week I did not leave my towel in the bathroom when I wasn't using it. Problem solved. :)