Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Define: Light at the end of the tunnel

I met with my new advisor today, and we pretty much planned my next two years of college with a major in drama.

I'm not entirely sure this is something I really want, but it falls under the communications department, which is something that will probably be useful. And at this point, I just want to graduate.

I still need to pick a minor, though. She suggested art, since I seem to like that kind of thing, or maybe writing, but I'm thinking that whatever I already have a lot of credits in is probably what I'm gonna go for. It's a squeeze to get all the requirements for a drama major in in the next two years, so it's not going to be easy to cram a minor in there as well.

But at least I am making progress.

I'm not as caught up on homework as I'd like to be, but I'm not behind yet. I just wish I wasn't so tired! I've been ready to pass out since about 9:30 tonight, and shortly after finishing this post, I think that's what I'll do.

We watched a short video about Dante's Divine Comedy in my world literature class tonight, and they showed a very, very, very, very x 8 unnecessary to show scene. I'm afraid I'm going to have nightmares. Really.

I think that the screening process for new instructors at Spring Arbor University (if there is one) needs some drastic, drastic changes. A woman called the other day, trying to make her course available to her students online. She needed to go to the control panel of the course on the website on Blackboard, and she was telling me she couldn't find settings after opening the control panel. I asked her what she saw when she did open the control panel, and she read me off a HUGE list of things, including, but not limited to: Internet connection, mouse, sound, printer, etc. After she finished reading me the list, I asked her if she could open up Blackboard and click on the link in the browser that said control panel, instead of clicking on Start and going to the control panel listed there.
This woman is supposed to be TEACHING. And she's called back with similar issues, which would take more time than I want to take to explain.

I've got an unopened bag of potato chips, and 11:06 pm is probably not the time to be opening them, but I imagine it's going to happen. Pretty sure I can live with it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Define: Hopeless (2)

I am trying to make an academic plan for the next however long it takes me to graduate, and honestly, I feel that graduation is hopeless. I have no idea how I could possibly get a degree in anything within the next two years. By the time I maybe get a degree, I'll have been in college for seven years. Seven years!

I don't know what I'm going to do when I get out of school, whether I have a degree or not. I don't know what I want to do. Looking at the list of classes I still need to take to get a degree is overwhelming.

I'm doing pretty well academically this semester, but my motivation to stay in school is quickly waning. I feel like I'm planning on coming back next year because I just don't know what else to do.

This is hard.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back at school...

I just made a homemade rice bag.

Jamin's legs were really sore, so I got out the extra fabric I had from the Jodo bird, and made a bag. I put a bunch of rice in (because it's big, it was for his legs), and sewed the top shut. It's huge. We put it in the microwave for about seven minutes to get it all warm enough.

And there's still a little rice left over, so I think I might make a little one for myself. Some online makers recommended putting some scented oil or tea in with the rice to make it smell good.
This is gonna be awesome. :)

Break was way too short. But I sorted out some family things today, and I hope that I'll actually be going home a little more often now. That's a good feeling.

Ugh, I was going to try to get to bed early tonight...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's nothing like...

...being greeted with, "Oh crap," when you come home to make you feel welcome.

Monday, March 16, 2009

An oldie but a goodie

A professor at the university called the Help Desk and told me that she could not find "the big 'e'" and she could not get on the internet, because "the big 'e'" was gone.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jamin's Birthday

Jamin's birthday was yesterday. I made him a Jodo Bird (He calls me bird, because he accidentally called me Jodo once, which sounds like dodo, dodo bird, etc.). This is the test...


It sort of has a tumor. The real one wasn't much better...

It reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil. Huge shoulders, tiny rest of the body... I've decided I actually like the first one much better.

There was also a comic to go with the bird, which I'll put in the comic blog eventually. Since I haven't updated that since...October?

I also made what was originally going to be a fruit bouquet. For several,various reasons, they didn't end up looking much like flowers. They were pretty much fruit shishkabobs. But he liked it. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

My motivation is waning...

Spring break is so close, yet so far away...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This weekend went by pretty quickly.

I got soooooo much done this weekend! I narrowed down my list of about 16 things of homework to just three! And that's for the entire WEEK. I am so pumped.

I also cleaned a lot in my room. I dusted and organized my desk, hutch, and bookshelf. I cleaned the fridge (wiped it out and everything), Erin and I consolidated food items and they are much more organized, vacuumed, and hung up lights from our ceiling. They are pretty fabulous. I enjoy sitting in the room with the main light off and just the Christmas Halloween shamrock holiday lights on. They are pretty festive, and there is a sweet, ambience/mood lighting thing going on.

I also, this afternoon, along with Erin and Clare, T.P.ed Becca's room. She was gone for the weekend, and we took advantage of her time away. I made a big toilet paper bow and tacked it to her door. It was a pretty well fashioned bow, if I do say so myself.

And today Erin and I added a new member to our room: Harriet! She is an African Dwarf Frog. I would take a picture, but the battery in my camera is dead, and I am not entirely sure where the charger is. And yes, I have a MacBook and I could use the built in camera, but I am somewhat leery of holding a heavy glass container full of water over my laptop, moving it around to get the best angle while Harriet will probably be swimming all over the place. No thank you.

Oh yes, we also added Jetur to our room, and I will take a picture of him. Jamin named him, by the way.

Two of the flowers are stuck together (oooh, you can see the shamrock lights in the background!). I only have it because Jamin thought it was cool. I'm pretty sure it'll be dead in a week or two. But I did get some pretty pink Gerbera daisies in addition to Jetur, and they look very stylish on my desk in my sweet vase. I'm liking the changes we made to our room this weekend.