Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Define: Relieved

So like, 3 days after we left school for Christmas break, I had this feeling that I remembered seeing an orange sitting on a tub in my room, and I also distinctly remembered forgetting to do something with it. I was having nightmares that I would get back and when I opened the door mold would pour out and devour me alive.

And that it would smell like death times four.

So when I got back today, there was an orange on the tub.

But fortunately, and surprisingly, and miraculously, it was not gross at all! It was just a little bit wrinkly! And if I hadn't known it had been sitting out for three weeks, I would have said it had only been a day or two! I still totally threw it away though, erlack.

My roommate got some apples in like, mid-September and put them in our fridge. When we took them out at the end of the second week in December, they were still totally good.

And when Jamin got me roses, they lasted for a ridiculous amount of time. One even started to sprout!

We have a magical room that kills living plants (in record time!) and keeps fruit from spoiling.

Also, Erin says the orange was not hers, and I am 99% sure it was not mine. Someone is trying to sabotage us. Or forgot their orange in our room on accident. Either one of those.

On another note, Cara has court on Thursday. There are six charges, two of which are felonies. There's also a possibility that one of the police officers she hit will press charges, making it three felonies.
She's really scared. I didn't know what to say.