Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Define: Different

Things were different when Cara moved in with us.

I don't remember quite when it was, but after a while, I was glad to have her around. We were pretty close for a while. After I was at camp all summer and went to Spring Arbor, things weren't the same, but we were still friends. This year, she and my stepsister moved out to their own apartment in Ypsilanti.

Cara has anger issues; there are a few holes in our walls that weren't there before she moved in. My parents weren't happy, but they were just walls.

Tonight my dad told me that last night she got drunk and beat up my stepsister, trashed their apartment, started a fight with another friend, and then fought the police when they showed up. They arrested her then, and released her tonight. My stepmom told her she's not welcome at the apartment, and I'm going to assume that she's not particularly welcome at our house either. Cara's mom picked her up from jail, and it sounds like Cara will be going back to living with her.

She came to our house to get out of a bad family situation, and I don't know how things will be for her since she's going back.
Part of me is scared that I won't see her again.
I still have her Christmas present.
Would it be awkward for me to give it to her now?

Things are different again.


kerri said...

i liked this post. (not because of the situation, but because of how you process things.) i was going to leave a comment the other day when i read it, but i didn't know what to say. i guess i could have said that, though.

first-- award yourself five points for using the word "piqued" ... two extra for spelling it correctly (most people, i think, would have said "peaked"...)
second-- the "story" is lame. steve is in guatemala right now and i miss him, and am looking forward to him coming back home. when i am looking forward to things, i always count down by using jellybeans-- i eat one each night before i go to sleep, until they all disappear and i don't have to wait anymore :o)