Monday, January 12, 2009

Define: Hodgepodge

Cara ended up with just probation, which is awesome. She was kind of bummed she can't drink or do drugs while on probation, but I told her I felt that it was probably for the best that she doesn't. Ever.

I had lunch with my friend Leah yesterday, and we talked a little bit about camp, and I got to tell her the story of JD and Becca dropping a boat on me, which made me want to be out there super bad (out there being camp, not squished between boats). Lucky for me, I am going next weekend! And the one after that as well. I am super excited, and Becca is super jealous.

She told me she was going to be gone the last weekend of January, and I said I would be at camp, and she said, "Oh good, then we won't miss each other." I said, "...por quoi? We are not allowed to miss each other when we are not at school?" And she was all "You know what I meant," huff huff. And now that I am thinking about it, I think 'por' is Spanish, and 'quoi' is French. Oops. But Becca didn't make sense either, so...yeah.

That last paragraph was ridiculous. But I am leaving it anyway. Sorry. Ish.

I started knitting a sweater. I'm not sure that this was a good idea, given my history of screwing things up (badly) on the first try. My first scarf looked like a chimney because I accidentally created 10 more stitches than there were supposed to be, so when I gradually dropped them out it got a lot narrower. My next new thing was a hat, which ended up being totally conehead-esque. The one after that wasn't so good either: I was concentrating so hard on not knitting so tightly that it ended up being way too loose, and there's a bit of a hole at the top. The next type of hat I made was actually not too bad, but it was still in the hat realm, so that probably had something to do with it. We'll see how the sweater goes.

I am also paranoid that because I did not buy the 10 skeins of yarn that the pattern said I would need all at once, that when I finish the ones that I did buy, I'll go back to the store and discover they do not make that color anymore. And then my sweater will look ridiculous, because if I get 3 skeins of yarn into it I am NOT stopping just because of a color issue.

I remember having something I wanted to write about yesterday, but I can't remember what it was anymore. I bet it will come to me during class, after which I will promptly forget again. Ahwell, c'est la vie, amigos.


kerri said...

i am glad i'm not the only one who speaks franglainol (french, english, espanol).

p.s. i must see this sweater. the chimney scarf, if i remember correctly, was amazing.