Saturday, September 6, 2008

Define: Crap Timing

I am currently working at the Help Desk in the library.  My computer wasn't loading Etsy when I tried to look at it yesterday or the day before, but I wasn't really concerned.  It was sad, but not a huge problem.

This morning, MSN messenger kept telling me my username didn't exist or my password was wrong.  Which made no sense, because I have it set so that it saves my username and password and automatically logs me on.  After I tried it manually a time or three, I gave up, it wasn't that big of a deal.  So I tried to check my hotmail from  That didn't load.  At all.  Which was also really strange.  So I tried it on the computer next to me.  Which also wouldn't load it.  As I was trying to figure it out, someone else in the lab was having the same problem.  I told her I was working on it.

And I did, for a long time, but I can't figure it out.  I called someone off campus, theirs is fine.  I tried, which also didn't work.  I called my roommate, she couldn't get it to work either.  So MSN/Hotmail/Microsoft things that are online/Etsy are not able to be accessed from campus at this time.

And none of the faculty techs will be back in until Monday morning.

This would happen while I was working.