Monday, September 15, 2008

Define: Shameless Plug

This is what I did this morning.  :)

I am still excited about Greek, not so excited about the grammar part of it.  It's brought me to tears more than once, but today's class helped a lot.

I am surviving another Monday, probably not as gracefully as one might hope, but I am surviving.


Melanie Marie said...

Jodi! so glad I stumbled upon a sweet fellow blogger. Oh! and GREEK! I LOVED taking Greek! I'm sorry to admit I'm pretty sure I lost all skills I learned two years ago...but it was awesome and I wish I would have kept it up!

What's your major?

Jodi said...

I like it, it's just hard sometimes. The grammar is killing me. I just translate the sentence as is and then play with the wording. Which is probably not a good way to go about it...

I don't know what my major is at this point, but Greek sounded cool, so I put it on my schedule. :)