Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Define: Subjectless

Lately it has been really hard for me to stay focused on finishing this semester.  The assignments seem to be getting more and more pointless, and due dates for big projects aren't creeping up on me, they are tackling me out of nowhere.  I think it's going to be harder to finish the spring semester here than it ever was at JCC, which is really strange.  I had problems being motivated at all while I was at JCC.  But, you gotta do what you gotta do, so I guess I'll stick with it and try.

I'm missing Porchfest tonight.  It's like the biggest campus event of the year.  My brother called to ask me if I could work for him in the library tonight, and I said yes.  I didn't really want to go to Porchfest anyway, but judging from how upset I am about having to work during it, I think I was subconsciously planning on letting myself be talked into going.  Plus, my whole small group (minus me) is in it, and I'm going to miss seeing them perform.  :/

So instead, I guess I'm throwing myself a pity party, which isn't the way to go.

Someone's cell phone is going off and it's really obnoxious.  Most people jump to answer their phones when they go off.  And it seems like they'd do that even quicker in the library.
I guess they just really like this song...?

Camp needs to get here soon.  I cannot wait to be back out there.