Monday, April 14, 2008

Define: Meaning

I've been realizing the last few days how much I really miss being close with God.

Through talking with Becca, and that TFK song, I realized how not tight we are.


I've already typed a book about what happened with Becca, but that TFK song was amazing too. I think that it's probably written about someone's wife or something, but to me it's more about God.

I like the part that says, "This place is many things, but I can't call it home, home is the place you are." I've gotten really wrapped up in drama about me moving out of my house lately, but in reality, it's not that big of a deal (I've noticed that I have been overreacting a lot lately). My real home is not even on earth; it's where God is.

And I like the lines that say, "I've done a few things that I wasn't proud of, I've said a few things that hurt you, but you're still the only one who fills me up, and all the tears that we've shared were worth it."
We've all done things we aren't proud of. And those things have hurt God. We don't always stop to think about that side of our actions. We get pretty wrapped up in their earthly effects. God is the only one who can fix us, though. He is the only one who can totally recharge us.
And it's not like He's sitting up in heaven just watching us mess up down here. He is involved in our lives, He cries when we cry. We do share tears. He doesn't enjoy seeing us in pain, He is in pain right alongside us.

I want God to be my heart, to be the one when it all comes undone, and even when I've got things together (if that ever happens...). I love talking to my friends when things are rough, but they're not the ones who can really fix it. My Father is the only one who can do that, and I want my heart to be just like His; I want Him to be the one in everything that I do.