Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Define: Real E-mail

Higher One wrote me a real e-mail. Surprise! It still had an automated feel to it, but the first sentence sounded very not automated. When I read it in my head, it could have even been a little annoyed. But probably not. But if they are, it's totally okay with me. Because I am very annoyed with them.

After my last response, I got an e-mail that began with:

"Thank you for submitting the requested information regarding your dispute. We apologize that we were unable to further investigate your case upon receiving the police report that you faxed. MasterCard required that we submit a new cardholder letter addressing the re-presentment documents in order for us to have any charge back rights on your behalf."

The rest of it was one I'd already gotten, saying I would get provisional credit, they'd look into it, blah blah. I wrote back, to bother them into looking at the stuff see whether this was actually going to happen, or if it was just another automated e-mail. I told them I didn't care about the provisional credit, I cared about them investigating. I received this lovely e-mail back.

"Dear Jodi,

In response to your email sent 09/14/2009, yes your case is going to be investigated further. When we received re-presentment documents relating to this case back from the merchant, MasterCard requires the cardholder, in this case you, to review these documents and supply us with a letter or email addressing the documents in order for us to continue to pursue the case further with the merchant. On 09/14/09 you supplied us with an email addressing these documents, a copy of that email was forwarded to MasterCard in order to continue the chargeback process. You were provided with provisional credit for the disputed transactions.

To clarify where you stand with the disputed transactions as of right now. You were given provisional credit, and the re-presentment documents along with your email addressing the documents are now in the process of being presented to the merchant.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,
Higher One
Customer Service"

So what I'm getting from this is, if I hadn't bothered them about the police report, they wouldn't have told me that they needed another e-mail from me in order to keep going (and actually they didn't until after they already had it and I kept bothering them. Would have been nice to know I was writing something official instead of just whining). How very nice of them to not want to burden me with writing an e-mail saying "Um, this is wrong."
So thoughtful Higher One, so thoughtful.

And note the sentence fragment at the beginning of the second paragraph. Maybe they should keep my money and hire someone to read the e-mails they send out before they send them.