Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scattered Things

- I'm excited about being so close to the end of school, but sad about leaving.

- Going home is going to be...I don't know yet. I guess I'll start primarily living there again, which is a nice thought, but at the same time, terrifying. I know it's terrible, but I hope Izzy is gone.

- I have no idea what I'm going to do for the next two weeks either. I have a room to paint at my Aunt's, but I'm pretty sure that won't take the whole two weeks. Hopefully.

- I'm hoping to get to go to the zoo before camp starts. Jamin and I have been talking about going for over a year.

- Usually everyone leaves work at 5 except for me. I brought potato chips for just this time, but the new guy has not left yet. And does not seem to be making any preparations to do so. I feel like these are the loudest potato chips I have ever eaten.

- I was also planning to play games after everyone left. But he can see my screen from where he sits, so I feel weird, like I should be doing something productive instead (so I'm blogging, ha. I guess I think that the constant typing will deceive him into thinking it's something important. Probably not working.).

- I didn't call home for Mother's Day. I guess my stepmom was upset, because my dad e-mailed me. He said that he knew it might have been awkward (which it was, and that's why I didn't know what to do, and I haven't done anything before, so...), but the nice thing would have been to call or send a card or something. Which is true, but I honestly hadn't thought about it.

- My stepmom is graduating from WCC on Saturday. My first day of being done. Naturally graduation is at 9 AM. I will so be sleeping in on Monday.

- There are not going to be enough calls to make it worth two of us being here. Really. Go home so I can play my games and crunch my potato chips without feeling judged (I'm sure he's not, I'm just paranoid).

- Becca's family is moving to Ypsi because her dad has a new job (at Jason Verde's church, actually). I am sad for her that she is leaving her house in Kalamazoo, but Ypsi is so much closer to my home. I am secretly (well, when she told me I guess I shrieked very excitedly, so maybe not so secretly) very excited.

- Maybe it's alright that Shawn is still here. Because a phone call just went to him instead of me. Ha. :)

- Stupid crunchy chips.

- I am so excited for camp. I saw Willis Kilbourne today, and he gave me a hug, and I so want to be at camp right now. Only two and a half weeks...I can't wait.

- Jen, we need to start on the purpling dictionary ASAP. We need to have it ready for senior teen camp. No one will know to look out for eggplanting if we don't warn them about it. :)

- Shawn just got up from his desk...but not to leave. Eating potato chips as quickly as possible.

- I had big plans for Plants vs. Zombies tonight. It's cooler than it sounds. And not as yucky as zombies sometimes are.

- It's sad how long I've spent writing this, and Shawn is back, so I think it's time to be done.

- Edit: all of the calls so far have gone to Shawn except one. And when I picked up, they asked to talk to him. Ha. :)


kerri said...

ditto on the first item on your list.

Sara Luke said...

I hadn't heard about Becca's dad yet! That's great!

I think you and Jennie should develop a presentation re: your purpling dictionary for senior teen camp. Have I ever done my modest Maggie presentation for you guys? If not, remind me to this summer. I need to find that paper doll . . .

Are you good at painting?