Monday, November 17, 2008

I have come to find...

...that, surprisingly, the rudest calls I get at the Help Desk are from Spring Arbor staff. I actually had someone hang up on me on Friday. She was angry because she couldn't send e-mails. I told her that one of our servers wasn't working properly, and we were doing emergency repairs at noon (it was probably around 11 when this happened). She was very short with me and told me that she was in contact with such and such and needed to send e-mails. I told her that everyone using a Spring Arbor e-mail was having this problem, and we were going to do repairs at noon. She got ruder, so said, "We're doing repairs at noon, but I will check to see if there is anything else I can do." I put her on hold, and just waited for a few seconds. I had just asked my supervisor about the problem, because the person before her had called with the same thing. He was on a call, and I knew there was nothing he could do, so I got back on the line, and said, "I'm sorry, we're going to be doing repairs at noon, and that will fix the problem." She didn't say anything for about 5 seconds, and then I heard her say, "Yes, can you connect me to *name*?" She was calling someone else while she was on the phone with me! Then she said, "Well I'm getting in contact with our person here because I need my e-mail (she wasn't on the main campus)." I started to say, "I'm sorry I couldn't be more help," but she hung up while I was talking.

I wanted to call her back and tell her that her inside man couldn't do anything, because the server on main campus was down, and she would have to wait, just like the guy before her who called and was nice about it, and that being rude to me didn't get her anywhere with her problem, but that I did include it in the problem ticket.

A close second for rude people is adult students.

I've never had a bad call with a younger student, they're really nice about everything.