Thursday, January 31, 2013

Define: Storms

Michigan is kind of making me bipolar right now.  When we left Greece, it was like 60.  When we landed in Detroit, it was 9.  Then yesterday was in the 50s? Right?  And today I woke up to snow and ice.


After Jamin and I got married and brought Joktan to our apartment, we discovered that he is terrified of thunderstorms.  I'm not sure how no one realized this until he was four years old.  Maybe living in a house you don't realize the difference between him hiding and just sleeping in a quiet place.  In the apartment, however, it was very obvious.  His favorite place to hide was under the kitchen sink.  He could somehow open the cabinet door and slip in.

The first time he did this I completely panicked.  I looked EVERYWHERE for him, and I couldn't find him.  Then I saw Haven trying to open the cabinet door.  We kept the kitty treats in there, so at first I didn't think much of it, but after you've been looking for a big cat in a small apartment for 30 minutes, you start to look places that you're sure he's not.  Sure enough, there he was.

This Monday night, I woke up around 4:00, and I thought I saw lightning.  But that didn't make sense, because it's January, right?  Then I saw it again.  I didn't hear any thunder, but we had a fan on, so maybe I just didn't hear it.  Then I thought, "Oh, I bet Joktan is freaking out."  We haven't had any storms since we've moved, and I don't think Joktan has really found his hiding place yet.  Right now we have a lot of stuff crammed under the kitchen sink, and there's no way he could fit in there.  "I wonder where he's going to hide," I thought.

No sooner had I thought it than I felt something pawing at my back.  There was Joktan, trying to burrow under the covers to hide.  I knew he was really freaked out because he really hates Jake, and Jake was already lying on my legs, about a foot away.  I lifted up the blanket and he scurried under and curled up next to me.  Perhaps feeling left out, Haven joined about two minutes later, and curled up on the other side of me.

It was really cute until I wanted to roll over and I had a deadweight dog on my legs, whiny cat on my right, and freaked out cat on my left.
I'm hoping for no more storms for a few months. :)