Sunday, January 17, 2010

Define: New School

I started beauty school on Tuesday, at the Douglas J Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor.

My first day was horrible.
I was overwhelmed with all the things they gave us (two huge boxes of stuff), the new place, the new people. I ended up eating lunch alone in the classroom when everyone else left. I had to carry one of the super heavy boxes all the way to my car, so by the time I got there I was exhausted. You know how when you do something that's just too much for your muscles, and they're just all shaky? That's how my arms were when I got to the car. It was bad.
Halfway home I started crying, and continued to do so all the way there (did I mention I'd had a headache all day?). When I got there, I carried the box inside, but while I was walking through the kitchen, I smashed my finger on the corner of the counter (since the box was so wide) and dropped the box. My finger was all bloody, and I started crying all over again.
Later in the day I started to feel nauseous, still with the headache. I did not want to go back at all.
But I did.
And I'm so glad.

Each day has been progressively better. Yesterday some of my classmates asked if I wanted to carpool with them. :)
Yesterday we also practiced shampooing and blowdrying each others hair, and I have been practicing on others as well. It makes me feel cool. :)
I'm really excited about how this is going to go. I know that I'm going to have bad days, and days where I'm going to doubt myself and have a hard time, but I feel really great about this right now, and I just have to remember how much I really do enjoy what I'm learning when I'm going through a rough time.


melanie said...

I can totally understand your feelings. I get the SAME way with changes. Even when I know things will be awesome I get sick about them.
I'm so glad you're persevering! You'll be great I'm sure! Can't wait to hear more.