Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching Up

I've already forgotten a lot of the things I wanted to write about from last week, I'm sure. But I'll share the things I do remember.

I had a great week with a fantastic group of girls. I was a little nervous going in, knowing I had 10 girls (I hate having a cot in the room, and it was so nice to not have a top bunk over my bed!). Thinking about shower schedules in big rooms make me nervous. I'm always afraid that everyone will want to take a shower in the morning and I'll have to start waking them up at 5:00 to get them all finished up. But despite all that, I had a really really great week. My girls were so, so awesome. I got to practice french braiding, and we played a new version of Mafia. Becca's room had played a lot the week before, and she was a little sick of the death theme, so we changed things up a little. We eventually came up with...well, I forgot what we decided to name it, actually. So I told my girls it was called Danger Island. I asked Becca later and I think she said Danger in the Tropics. But I can't remember for sure. Anyway, it's pretty much the same as Mafia, except it's set on an undiscovered primitive island. The Mafia becomes the Spy who is kidnapping the tribes-people and selling them to the circus. The Nurse is the Tribe Leader, who chooses someone to protect. The Sheriff is an agent from the CIA, and is trying to discover who is the Spy. It was pretty intense, and so much fun.

There was a girl in my beach bums class who was the most hypochondriac person I've ever met a little nervous about health issues. She asked me if people had to take a test to see if they had any diseases before they could swim in the lake. A few days later she had put on too much sunscreen and couldn't get it all rubbed in. After a few minutes it had been absorbed (as sunscreen does), and she kept asking me if it was supposed to do that, if it was bad for her, if something bad would happen. During a game she came up to me waggling her finger in my face, telling me she thought it was broken. She wasn't a bad kid at all, just a little overly concerned. About everything. Her counselor said that she thought she was going deaf because someone yelled in her ear and wouldn't stop crying about it for like two hours.

Another girl at camp was...well, she was difficult. At one point during a game, she ran up to a counselor near me, crying, telling him that a boy had just kicked her. The boy said she'd kicked him first. I didn't see her kick him, but I knew the boy, and I knew the girl, and I'm sure she did kick him. The other counselor told the boy not to kick people, and as soon as his back was turned, the girl stopped crying, looked over her shoulder and "Ha!"-ed at the boy. I didn't even know what to say.

Oh yes, I almost forgot about the cougher. I had a girl in my room who on the first night, coughed for probably an hour and a half. Which kept me awake. It was pretty frustrating. The next night, she coughed for another hour. I thought I was going to lose it. She is such a sweet, sweet girl, but I could not handle the coughing and throat clearing while I was trying to sleep. I'm a person who likes it quiet. And it was keeping other girls awake as well. Tuesday night the fabulous nurses had her do a treatment from her nebulizer (I think?), and that solved the problem. It was glorious.

I'm sad that camp is over. It's nice to get a little more sleep, but I already miss the people.

Friday afternoon, Becca, Nate and I made some candles for Jon and Lauren's wedding. We used shells from the beach in them, since Jon worked at camp. They weren't awesome, but we tried. That's what counts, right? I mean, they could have been worse. I should have taken pictures. Oh well. We know for next time that you need to save a little wax, cause when they cool off they get little "wells" in the middle. Whoops.

Saturday was the wedding, and it was great. Not so great was the blister that my new shoes gave me. Somehow, it happened before we even got to the wedding. Like, during the car ride to the wedding. Which is bizarre, but true. I so so so hope that they just need to be broken in.

Yesterday I went through all my clothes and got rid of some more stuff. It felt awesome. Then I went through other stuff and got rid of some of that too. It was a productive day.
Oh! Then Daniel made tomato soup. I helped. It was delicious. Even though it was super hot outside.

Now I've gotta find something to do for the rest of the day. I had a dream last night that I mowed the lawn. Maybe I'll go do that. But probably not.


Sara Luke said...

First, I have an interesting tidbit about the cougher to share with you sometime.

Second, that soup is good even in 100 degree weather with no air conditioning.