Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, Camp

I love camp, I really do. But I wish it would warm up. A lot. Especially when we're up north. I hate the cold.

Yesterday I got a headache in the middle of the afternoon, and after dinner I threw up. I laid down for a few hours, then got a hold of one of the nurses because I just felt awful. She came up and gave me some electrolyte pills and some Advil, but as soon as I got them down they came back up. Last night was just not fun.
But this morning I woke up with no headache and just a little shaky (probably because hardly any of the food I ate yesterday actually got digested). Now I'm feeling a lot better, just wishing it was warmer.

I'm sort of excited for my birthday. Jamin has Saturday all planned out (he won't tell me what, though), and I'm pretty excited to see what we'll be doing. And to see Jamin. :)

Please let it get warmer...
And I'm hoping for something good in the staff fridge.