Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Define: Unfair

Why do teachers assign group projects? They know the workload is going to be unfair, right? They were students once, don't they remember?

I got stuck with putting together the powerpoint and bibliography for our presentation tomorrow, and I'm scared. Allison and I did what we were supposed to, but no one else did. One kid hasn't even been to any of our group meetings. No one has heard anything from him about it. And I am NOT staying up until 2 in the morning waiting for people to e-mail me their slides. I told everyone to have it to me today by 3:30. I have other things to do, and it's not fair for me to have to wait around for their stuff. I'm afraid that this is going to cause a problem in the morning if someone did send me their stuff at 3 am, but is that really my responsibility? I gave them a deadline. Our class is at 7:45, the library won't even be open yet for me to combine the slides before class.

I'm even more scared about the written part; I'm not sure if anyone besides Allison and I will even do it at this point.

And naturally we have to present first.


Sara Luke said...

Here's what I would do for the slides that other people are supposed to do. . . I'd leave them blank, but just put something like "SEE JOHN" or whatever the person's name is. That way, it's on their shoulders to explain that portion of the slide show. Maybe that's passive aggressive. Is it? I don't know.