Monday, March 17, 2008

MacBook + Mountain Dew = Wired Lappy

I had a scare yesterday involving two of my loves.

I spilled Mountain Dew on my laptop.

I turned my laptop off really fast and dried out what I could.  Then I let it sit for a while, but it wouldn't turn on.  I cried.

Then my aunt and I played around with it for a while, and we eventually got it to start working again.

However, now I can't get it to shut off.

The first time I told it to shut down and it restarted, I thought maybe I'd hit he wrong button.  But then it happened again.  And again, and again.  My laptop refuses to be shut off.  I can't even make it go into sleep mode.  It sleeps for about five seconds, and then turns right back on again.  Even when I shut it, it turns right back on (which was kind of funny at first, because I would shut it, it would go to sleep, turn back on, realize the lid was shut, go to sleep, turn back on, realize the lid was shut, go to sleep, etc.  I like to think that it's on a sugar buzz from the Mountain Dew, and that's why it refuses to be anything but up and running.).

The only way I can turn it off is to hold down the power button.  A few of the keys are a bit sticky as well, but I  can live with that as long as the computer works in general.