Monday, March 1, 2010

Define: Little Things

This morning started out awesome. I woke up feeling pretty awake, the sun was out, I listened to some good music while I got was nice. Then the little things started to pile up.

On the way to babysit, I called my doctor's office to try to get an appointment. I asked for one with Lou-Ann, only to have the receptionist tell me that she hasn't been there since August (can you tell how often I go to the doctor?). I did get an appointment with Dr. Conant, but it's going to be weird. I like having a girl doctor. Ergh.

Babysitting was overall alright, though there were a few moments where I felt overwhelmed. One was when Jack came up to me and said, "I got pee pee on the carpet." Thank goodness he just meant the rug in the bathroom, because I was picturing a big wet spot in the middle of the living room or something. Another was just the amount of spit-up from Ben today. It was incredible. I think he saved some from the bottle before the one I gave him to get on me. Overall though, it really wasn't a bad day.

I drove out to Spring Arbor to see friends, but when I got there, everyone was in class. I decided to go across the street to McDonald's to get a fruit and yogurt parfait (sooooo good). As I started to pull out onto M-60, my car sputtered and died. I turned it back on, only to have the same thing happen. I put it in neutral and fortunately it rolled back a few feet out of the intersection. But I still freaked out. I called everyone, but everyone was in class. Jamin (my hero) came out of his class to help me, and as he was walking up his friend Andy was pulling up behind me, so he helped too. (strike)We(/strike) They pushed the car into the church parking lot.
Oh, did I mention that RIGHT before this happened I filled up my gas tank? Not. Happy.

I told my brother I'd probably need to borrow his car, and he was cool with that. My dad came out and took a look at my car (I missed seeing him, which was the last little thing that I could handle), and he couldn't get it started, so it got towed.

I had a small cry on the way home, but I took a shower and made some macaroni and cheese, and I'm feeling better. Tomorrow will be better. If only because I am driving a much nicer car. :)